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It finally came. One of my favorite weekends of the summer: the weekend of the Bridgewater Country Fair. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend checking it out. In my mind, it's the perfect meeting of “down home country” living and posh New England style. It’s one of the only places, that I know about, where I can order a cappuccino and sip on it as I watch a pig race. I can also stock up on beauty products and then walk just a few steps to see award-winning farm animals. This fair has everything; and I feel like it truly encompasses everything that makes Litchfield County so unique.

One of my first mornings here, I went to pickup breakfast at our local market. When I pulled into the parking lot, there was a pretty good mix of cars. There were a couple of old pickup trucks, some mid-class and luxury sedans, and a beautiful Bentley. When I went inside, the people were dressed in everything from fishing waders to business suits.  It was a mix of people that I didn't expect to see in one place, but I have always enjoyed a good mix of people and I was really interested to witness the dynamic of my new town.

Everyone was preparing for the day. They were making coffee, ordering breakfast, and stocking up on snacks for the day. What stood out to me, though, as I waited for my egg sandwiches, was that everyone was chatting and laughing with each other. This mix of people was very seamlessly blending together.  They were polite to each other, and thoughtful to those who seemed like they were in a rush. There were no egos, no attitudes, no judgments. The environment was so relaxed and friendly. It was the moment I knew that I was really going to like it here.

Litchfield County truly is a special place. Everyone just seems to want to enjoy the simplicity of a modern country life, and that desire seems to be enough to create a common ground between all of us. It’s a dynamic that is refreshing because it really is hard to find.

The Bridgewater Country Fair, and the blend of experiences that it offers, always remind me of that first morning at the market. It reminds me why we moved here; and every year it inspires me to take a greater appreciation for where we live.


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