Adventures in Blueberry Picking

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Today I took my daughter blueberry picking at Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury. She is 2 and it has become one of her favorite summertime activities.

Every time she found the perfect blueberry she would exclaim "Aha!," and then she would eat it and tell me "good!" with an enthusiastic head-nod. During her hunt for the perfect blueberry she found this big stick and brought it over to me as if she had uncovered an amazing treasure; and then carried it around with her until she got distracted by the next treasure (a "big" rock). And she got so excited when she found a not-yet-ripe, very green blueberry. She let out this high-pitched laughed as her face soured up when she decided to try it. Blueberry picking was an adventure for her. She didn't care if we brought home the perfect blueberries for pancakes, she was busy enjoying her surroundings.

I always keep an eye on her, but when I stopped to truly watch her and her enthusiasm, it suddenly made me aware that there was a beautiful scenic view from the blueberry patch, and that some of the blueberry plants had these pretty white flowers. Watching her really made me appreciate where we were and what we were doing, which is important here in New England as summer activities only last a few short months before we move on to fall activities.

I tend to be a planner...maybe a bit of an over-planner. Whatever I am doing, I feel like I'm always looking ahead and trying to set up the next moment perfectly. I can always tell you what's coming up on the schedule. I cannot always tell you what I ate for breakfast. When life feels busy, I think it's easy to focus too heavily on what's to come, and forget to pay attention to what's going on in front of you.

Today I went blueberry picking and was honestly thinking that my daughter was excited to go because blueberry picking meant blueberry cobbler and blueberry muffins, but that wasn't it. She was excited to walk through the field and explore everything in that patch.

I realized that I need to be more like her. I need to remember that there is adventure and excitement in every moment of the day. I just have to look around a little, and not ahead so much.



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