Here's to New Beginnings

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“The only easy day was yesterday.”

I have been told that this is a saying used during military training, specifically in the Navy SEALS. It’s a saying that I was reminded of recently; and one that I have been using as sort of a daily slogan. I certainly would never compare my challenges with the challenges faced by the military, but I have borrowed the saying as a way to keep motivated.

I think of the fall as a time of new beginnings, not just for my family, but for a lot of people. There is a seemingly instant change in the weather. The trees start to turn yellow and red, the nights get chilly, and the days get a little shorter. School starts. Fall sports and activities begin. There are new family/household routines to fall into.

For us, the new routine has been work. My husband’s job has had him working long days, nights, and weekends. I have been working on getting The Roxbury Local up and running, and we recently bought a house that we are fixing up as a side project. Throw in the unfinished projects in our own home, a toddler, and a brief round of the flu- and this is our current juggling act. Now, I know that there are people reading this, probably laughing, and saying, “you call that busy?” Trust me, it’s ok to laugh at me. I know that there are many people and families out there who are busier than us. This has just been a new kind of busy for me.

Every day feels like it has a to-do list that is a mile long. I am constantly fearing that I have forgotten to add something essential to that list, and sometimes I do forget. Sometimes I look outside and wonder, "When was the last time I weeded the garden?" or I open the fridge and realize that I have to play the real-life version of the TV show Chopped in order to make dinner. It is at these moments that my new busy feels a tad overwhelming. It is also at these moments that I close my eyes and tell myself, “The only easy day was yesterday.” That quick, little saying reminds me to take a deep breath and to look at everything as a new challenge that needs to be overcome. It allows me to re-organize my game plan, even if that new game plan means a quick trip to The Roxbury Market to pick up some dinner.

This new kind of busy feels crazy at times, but so far I wouldn’t change any of it. I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible new people and to explore outside of my comfort zone a little bit. It has forced me to be creative and learn to plan strategically. All-in-all, the only easy day may have been yesterday, but I go to bed at night really looking forward to tomorrow.


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