Patience, Patience, Patience

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Ok, it’s resolution time. I am writing this post halfway through January because I am just now really getting started on my 2019 resolutions. I always find that while the holidays are filled with such excitement, good food, and socializing; I get to a point where I long for my normal routine again. I want to eat the food that I normally eat, I want to clean the house (I can’t believe I’m saying that), and I want to get back to my regular activities. The holidays are fun and magical, but I am also thankful that they are a special time and not everyday-life. 

Once I reach the point of being ready for normalcy, I find that I usually start to reflect on the previous year: what I liked, what I wish I had done differently, and what I am going to try to improve upon for the upcoming year. This is what helps me to create my list of resolutions for the upcoming year. I usually try to make a few objective resolutions, like (finally) finishing the living room renovation, and a few subjective resolutions, like working on being more patient.

Patience is something that I especially need in the wintertime. I do love a little cold weather, but once the snow and the chill really set in, and we end up spending a few days cooped up in the house, I get antsy for spring. I can’t wait to go outside without the tip of my nose being frozen or keep the windows open in the house. I just end up feeling a little claustrophobic.

I read an article recently that referred to winter as anticipation for the spring. The author is a gardener, and every time he gets anxious being indoors, he looks out his window to where he planted bulbs last fall and just in those few seconds he is reminded that those bulbs need the winter in order to become bright and beautiful flowers for the spring. Then, he says that anxious feeling becomes one of excitement for what’s to come and almost an understanding that winter is important. 

This little mental exercise really spoke to me for some reason. So I decided that I would try it this year. Like the author, I also look forward to spring foliage, and plant husbandry is a hobby of mine. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t plant any bulbs this fall, but picking up a new indoor plant may be a really good reminder that winter has a purpose. Plus, I am always looking for a good excuse to shop at The Garden. I’m going to try to put this plant somewhere that I will notice it frequently, and hopefully each time that I encounter it, I will remember to be patient with winter. Here goes nothing.

As for renovating my living room, maybe I should try to use my time indoors this winter productively and get that done…we will see about that though. Mostly, I am hoping that when I reflect back on this year, I find that my resolutions were purposeful, and that even if I didn’t accomplish everything on my list that I at least made progress towards the end-goal of each of them. That being said though, talk to me at the end of March and we’ll see how this patience-thing is working out.

Happy New Year.


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