Progress Update for the Flip House

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This past summer, my family and I took on a huge project. We bought a house to flip. We found a beautiful old home, built in the early 1700’s that had been vacant for a few years. It just oozed history and charm. We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to fix it up and restore it into a cozy, rustic, country home.

We really weren’t sure what to expect when we got into this. As the saying goes, we needed another project like we needed a hole in the head; and when we heard that the bank had accepted our offer, we did a little celebration high-five, and then joked, “Well, here goes nothing.” 

Now it’s 6 months later and I have to say that this project has been such an incredible experience. That’s not to say that it has been an easy job. A 300-year-old house is a lot to tackle, but there is something so cool about a place that someone hand-built so long ago that still stands today; and while we still have a ways to go to restore it to its original glory, we have reached the point where we can start painting. The finish line is in site.

 So please forgive this post as it is filled with a lot of pictures (and the “Before” pictures I only took quickly to remind myself of where we started-there is almost no artistic value to them), but I am really excited to share the progress, so here goes nothing…



Living Room Built-In Shelves:

Dining Room "Kings Wood Mantel"



Hallway Open Shelving:



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  • Wow!!! I’m so impressed!! And the house does have such a warm, historic feel. I ❤️ it!!

    Mona on
  • Such progress just since I saw it a month ago. Keep up the good work👋👋

    Aunt Sue on

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