The Flip House is Almost Ready

Posted by Lael Gibbs on

The flip house is getting so close to being done; and what a cool project it has been. Our biggest challenge has been making the house feel modern without taking away from its beautiful, unique historic charm. And by historic charm, I mean that there is a huge fireplace in the dining room with dueling stone ovens and a stewpot crane. How cool is that?

At this point we have only a couple of big projects left to really make the house complete, but we have been able to add some of the finishing touches to a couple of rooms. So, here are a few updated pictures of both the exterior and interior.


 The Exterior:
New Paint, New Fence, "Cleaned Up" Landscaping (new plants to come soon), and New Gravel for the Driveway
The Interior:
New Bathroom Fixtures
New Paint for Storage Spaces with the Refinished Original Hardware


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  • It looks amazing!!! Looking forward to the last touches on it. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    Yessy on

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