Mine Hill Woodworks

Mine Hill Woodworks is located in the scenic hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. Founded in 2014 by sole proprietor, Terrence Tougas, it represents an ongoing family tradition in the art of woodworking. Growing up in Woodstock, NY, I was a constant inhabitant of my father’s woodworking shop. While he worked full-time as the manager of the local Grand Union, he always seemed to have a project or projects going on in the shop. It was his version of the ‘man cave’. We spent countless hours there immersed in sawdust, and bonding as father and son. After retiring, he devoted more of his time to the shop, and started offering his wares to friends and through local craft fairs to support his habit. He focused on children’s toys and his reputation spread by word of mouth.

I learned most of my technique from Dad, and am proud to follow on in his footsteps. I recently retired from a professional career as a pharmaceutical scientist working in the drug development arena. Like Dad, my workshop has been a special place, and I plan to devote more of my energies toward working with wood. Note that the third generation Tougas woodworker is honing his skills. My son Eric has caught the woodworking bug, and is following the family tradition.

I produce a variety of handmade wood items. My goal is to offer pieces (toys and other objects) that are well designed and well made from quality materials. These are pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed, but are also aesthetically pleasing.