Our Story

Welcome to The Roxbury Local. My name is Lael Gibbs and I am the owner and founder of the shop. I live here in Roxbury, Connecticut with my family. I love this little corner of Northwestern Connecticut. Life here is simple and small town. It’s not the life that I ever thought that we would live, but a life that I have really grown to enjoy, and now I couldn’t picture things any other way. 

I started this shop in 2018 after spending years being impressed by the locally-made products that I found at local shops and weekend craft fairs. The quality of everything that I saw always felt like it belonged in high-end boutiques, and I wanted to find a way to be able to share them with people from all over the country. 

So, please take a look around. Everything offered here is locally made, and I hope that you are as impressed with the local talent as I am. 


Thanks for coming to visit us.