Simpson & Vail

Simpson & Vail, Inc. is an old time tea company and was originally founded as a green coffee merchant in 1904 by Augustus M. Walbridge on Water Street in New York City as Augustus M. Walbridge, Inc.

In 1929, Mr. Walbridge sold the business to Mr. Simpson, the accountant, and
Mr.Lester Vail, the tea taster. Hence, a great business was born.

For years Simpson & Vail, Inc. was located In New York City on Water St., then Front St., then Park Place. Besides the location changes, the business grew and numerous phases occurred. From 1929 to 1962, bulk tea was the only product Simpson & Vail, Inc. carried. In 1962 roasted coffee and teabags were added. Late in 1978, Jim and Joan Harron purchased Simpson & Vail Inc., and in 1979, they added specialty food products and tea accessories as well as expanding the tea and coffee lines.

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