The Gracious Gourmet

Nancy Wekselbaum has always been known to friends and family as a gracious host with a love for cooking and entertaining, but it wasn’t until later in her career that she made it her full-time job. Her educational background was Economics and Finance. She then worked in retail for almost 25 years in New York with her husband.

Nancy’s love of food and cooking began early even though baking her first cake at age 9 nearly set the house on fire. Her mother told her never to cook again, but Nancy wasn’t deterred. Fortunately, she stopped burning cakes and started learning how to sauté, flambé, and soufflé. Her favorite way to spend time off became taking trips to France so she could immerse herself in the cuisine of the French countryside. She even worked alongside top chefs during a stint at the renowned Les Freres Troisgros in Roanne. 

It was during a power outage when Nancy prepared a steak with homemade chutney for a friend who so raved about the chutney that she suggested Nancy start a business. Something clicked and in 2006 The Gracious Gourmet was born. The first product launched was that same chutney she prepared for her friend. Today it is known as Dried Fruit Chutney and continues to be a favorite in the line. Nancy still develops everything in her own kitchen, creating products that make cooking and entertaining easy.

our company

Based in Bridgewater, CT, The Gracious Gourmet has created a line of award-winning specialty condiments and snacks that easily transform ordinary dishes into exceptional ones.

Our products include chutneys, spreads, tapenades, pestos, and more. Made in small batches, we source only the finest all-natural ingredients and we never use preservatives. With health consciousness in mind, we also minimize the use of salt and sugar and many of our products are vegan and naturally gluten free.

Whether you are putting together a dinner party for a dozen or enjoying a quiet night at home, The Gracious Gourmet is here to help. Our aim is simple: to make every one of your meals a special occasion.


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