Cotton Kitchen Towel

  • $25.00

This hand-knit kitchen towel is a perfect addition to any kitchen; and it is as functional as it is beautiful. Use it as a dishcloth or hand towel. It features a loop so that it can easily be hung up. Not only is it soft and beautiful, it is environmentally friendly as each hand towel is made of cotton and easily reusable. 

Knitted with Cotton.

Dimensions: 14.5" x 13.5"

Care Instructions: hand wash in cold soapy water, let air dry

Yessy's Designs are knit from the finest materials. The quality and care put into each one is evident from the beautiful patterns and chic designs. She started by knitting pieces for her family, and due to the quality of her work, those pieces quickly came into high demand and her passion turned into a business. Her staple pieces include luscious cable knits, oversized scarves, luxurious mittens, cozy beanies, and baby blankets.