Fig Almond Spread

  • $10.00

This spread is a perfect accompaniment to chicken and duck. I love it on a pita chip or with chèvre cheese. It can make a delicious sauce on a flat bread pizza with some goat cheese and spicy arugula. Or it can be used as a sweet topping on vanilla ice cream or pancakes or mixed into plain muffin batter.

Ingredients: dried figs, brown sugar, water, fig puree, red wine vinegar, almonds, orange juice concentrate, lemon peel, lime puree, lemon juice, dried orange peel, almond extract, contains tree nuts (almonds)

 8 oz. jar

The Gracious Gourmet has created a line of specialty food products that transform ordinary dishes into exceptional ones without fuss. The quality of the all-natural ingredients is second to none; and the uses for the finished products are nearly unlimited.  Serving great food has never been easier.

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