Love Free Standing Sign

  • $20.00

A simple reminder. Place this on a desk, photo ledge, or shelf for a little daily encouragement. Made using an abandoned piece of barn wood found here in Connecticut, this piece has been refinished and hand-painted by local artist Corrin Zareck.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8" x 1"

Inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson and the process of her material selection in order to historicize debris, Corrin Zareck from With Love has gained an appreciation for the abandoned materials that surround us. In 2015 as she drove by a family having a bon fire, she saw them burning all of the wood and materials from a 100 year old barn that was on their property in Harwinton, Connecticut. She quickly asked to take the remaining pieces, knowing that she could one day repurpose them. The majority of items that she uses in her work have been collected since this day.